The most common sound of the letter A is the "short" A sound, as in the word apple. To make this sound properly open mouth, tongue down.... just as you are preparing to take a big bite from an apple.

If the sound isn't coming out quite right, remind your child to open wide to receive the big apple!

I like to have my students physically bring their hand to their mouth, pretending that they are going to take a big bite, all while making that proper A sound. /a/ apple





When children have trouble vocalizing a vowel sound, the word doesn't come out right. There is no recognition. The child keeps saying sounds but they don't recognize the word they are *almost* saying.

The short O sound is tricky for many.

Here's a great tip to help with that!

It's always good to have a word associated with a letter to jog the memory. For O we use "olive".
A sliced olive looks exactly like that letter O! To make that sound you have to form your mouth into the shape of an O and an olive. Open nice and wide and say Ahhhh.