With her tools at the ready, this young lady intently works to apply her skills for reading and spelling!  She is smart, hard-working and motivated to succeed!

Her teacher noticed and sent a note home to mom, "...Quinn's reading scores have gone up!  From fall to winter she didn't show any growth, and now from winter to spring her BAS reading level has gone up 4 levels (only 2 levels behind where she is expected to be by 2nd grade) and her MAP scores increased 12 points!" 

Mom also shared that Quinn's attitutde has turned around and she is happier and has more confidence in all aspects of her life.  She no longer worries about not being smart enough for 2nd grade.  She is excited about 2nd grade and knows she is ready! 

It wasn't until Quinn's cheery disposition returned that her parents could see that her struggle with reading was bothering her more than they realized.