The important work we do at Great Minds Learning Center could not be done without the generous support from the following people and businesses:

 ** Denotes a sustaining donation. Learn more about the power of being a sustaining donor here.

Champions (Donations of $500+)

Blandin Foundation

Communications Workers of America, Local 7202

Dollar General

Grand Rapids Noon Kiwanis Club

Hibbing Foundation - John & Katherine Boentje Family Foundation Fund

Lake Country Power

Minnesota Power Foundation

Super One Foods

Bessie Bain

Terry & Margaret Matteson

Wayne and Verna Ford

Chris and Jill Somero**

Mary "The Kayak Lady" Shideler

Cecilia Voight


Super Heroes (Donations of $100 —$499)

Mark & Judy Anderson

John & Josie Axelson

Gretchen Bensen

Jean Beauduy

Judy Doughty

Melissa Fairchild

Katie Hopkins

Jerry & Joanie Isaacs

Michael & Mary Ives

Dr. Lee Jess

Phil & Julie Johnson

Jim & Arlene Kauppila

Michael & Susan Lahti

Mike & Nicky LaValley

Abby Liubakka

Lynn Ruuska

Dave & Meegan Schaeffer

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

Amazon Smile Foundation

Fraternal Order of Eagles, Grand Rapids

General Mills - Your Cause, LLC

Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation

IRC Electric (Steve & Gina Oberstar)

Iron Range Plumbing and Heating

North Itasca Electric Operation Round-Up

Paul Bunyan Communications


Heroes (up to $99)

Bruce & Linda Anderson/Grand Rapids Tire

Diane Bradt

Becca & Paul Colby

Kindal & Susan Cook

Matt & Nikki Ford

Kari Gordon

Jo Ann & Norman Heikkila

Steven & Kim Wikstrom Heikkila

John & April Hepokoski

Carrie Hepokoski

Sandra Hepokoski

Mindy & Ralland Hess

Katie Hopkins

Keith & Karin Isaacs

Linda Janson

Julianne & Robbie Johnson

 Nena Johnson

Kalin & Liz Kauppila

Dale & Loretta Kemp

Lorraine Kemp

Luther & Stephanie Kemp

Angela Lakanen

Lola Lindberg

Anna Mattson

Jenny McClure

Pamela Moos

Grant & Elizabeth Nettleton

Jason & Marsha Olson

Jennifer Poenix

Lisa Prusi

Rod & Nancy Prusi

William Prusi

Marilynne Rassier

Mark Riehle

Jakob & Jessica Rikkola

Jason & Kari Ritter

Richard & Susan Rohloff

Hillary Ropponen

Matt & Kathleen Ropponen 

Chloe Rosten

Jerome & Kathleen Rosten

Maiya Salmela

Melissa Salmela

Debra Showen

Susan Sixberry

Ashly Sokoloski

Amy Takkunen

Loren & Alicia Wikstrom

Catherine Wikstrom  

Jodi Wood

Absolute PCA, LLC

Bonner Eye Clinic



Friends of Great Minds (In-Kind Support)

These kind folks have donated their time and/or supplies to Great Minds Learning Center:

Lars Anderson

Linda Anderson

Rachel Arlt

Sam Arlt

Gretchen Bensen

Aaron & Christina Brown

Angie Clafton

Mark Fairchild

Verna & Wayne Ford

Chris Hamilton

Suzy Hepokoski

Brenna Holmstrom

Bret Holmstrom

Clara Holmstrom

Katie Hopkins

Al Jylha

Luther Kemp

Lauren Larson

Ryker Larson

Tammy Mattonen

Kasey McCarroll

Lindsay McCartney

Trent Nygaard

Beth Riendeau

Sara Riendeau

Jason Ritter

Kari Ritter

Kathy Ropponen

Ian Salmela

Janna Salmela

Mathias & Andrea Salmela

Eva Salmela

Olivia Salmela

CJ Shackleton

Jennifer Skaar

Carmen Sovada

Trent Weston

Brenda Williams

Samantha Williams

Carolyn Yoki

Will Yoki


Thanks to our supporters we are able to help students become better learners. 

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