Intake Session (required for new students):

Description: The sole purpose of the intake session is to create an appropriate instructional plan. Intake sessions will be scheduled with Marianne Jylha. Marianne will then create a plan for your child and coordinate scheduling with one of our wonderful tutors.

$50- Required intake session for a new student.  (1 hour)

*Scholarships may be available for students who demonstrate financial need


Dyslexia/Dysgraphia Screening- This is NOT an official diagnosis:  

Description: The purpose of the dyslexia/dysgraphia screening is to engage the student in a variety of reading, writing and spelling tasks to measure against  hallmark traits of dyslexia and dysgraphia. Screening tools will explore areas of fluency with letter/sound/word recognition, decoding, spelling and accuracy reading and spelling irregular sight words. Parents will be provided with resources to assist in understanding and supporting their child. A written report is available at an additional cost.

-Student screening session (45 minutes)

-Feedback preparation (15 minutes)

-Parent feedback session (60 minutes)

$100 - (2 hours)

*Scholarships may be available for students who demonstrate financial need


Written report of dyslexia/dysgraphia- This is NOT an official diagnosis

Description: The purpose of the written report is to document the results of the dyslexia/dysgraphia screening with explanation of the performance on the screening and how it relates to overall academic achievement.  The report will also include recommendations for parents and teachers to provide support and to increase the opportunity for educational and personal success.



Reading instruction is one-on-one.  Students will strengthen foundational reading and spelling skills, which in turn can improve fluency, accuracy and comprehension.   

Cost - $37/session.

*Scholarships may be available for students who demonstrate financial need.


Math Fast Facts! sessions focus on mastery of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Cost - $30/session


Individual Math sessions support skills the student is currently learning in school or to help prepare for the upcoming year.  

Cost - $30/session

Please read our Attendance & Payment Policies for additional information.


Call Today! (218) 999-5525

A few good options if you wish to pursue an official diagnosis:

Harbor City Psychological Associates 218-722-4058

Dr. Kelsey Berg

314 W. Superior St. Suite #702

Duluth, MN


Reading Center for Dyslexia (507) 288-5271

847 5th Street NW,

Rochester, MN 55901


Dr. Nancy Binford

 Minnetonka, MN



  • We just had our 3rd grade son's IEP meeting. His star reading score grade equivalent was a 5.1! . His fluency jumped from a 48 this fall to a 98 in Febrary!
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